Self Titled

by Suburban Uproar

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released May 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Suburban Uproar Trento, Italy

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Track Name: You are to blame
flying planes dropping bombs
all the people leave their homes
left to fuckin rot by clueless shots
blood everywhere that will never clot
goes on flowing out the veins
a neverending plot that drives everyone insane
no fuckin bloodstain on your ties
cant you realize that the wounds are caused by your lies?

wasted lives burning brains
all because your fuckin greed
you buy soldiers' lives and kick em to fight
fight to die no other reason why
to ruin families and their dreams
filling our ears of suffering screams
and every coin that you gain
means millions of people's pain

RELIGIOUS WAR we don't want anymore
WAR FOR GAS blow it up your ass
you are to blame while we're going insane
people die for it AND SUPPORT SLAVERY

there's nothing left but destruction and death
rotten corpses all around the path
the blood dries in our minds
it's indelelible. stuck till we die

here's another religious war
tell me what the fuck are you fighting for
shooting and killing for your god
while thousand people are dying in the mud
to impose the others your religion
taking away their right of opinion
so tell me what's your worthy aim
to spread your god's lies and pain

death war gas for work
death war blood for god

how does it feel being the guilty
of condemnation corruption and destruction
of human beings looking for salvation
from the armageddon which the filthy
masters are pushing us into
letting us just pushing through
killing the innocent and stealing the poor
will we ever be free in this fucked up world?
Track Name: Up the punx
we are the punx
we don't give a fuck
we live with no regrets
we're proud of who we are
we despise the mass
and dont believe in crass
peace is not for us
let's fuck shit up!

UP THE PUNX our way of life
UP THE PUNX inside our heart
UP THE PUNX spiky hair and boots
UP THE PUNX the voice of the truth

i fall on my knees
pissing on the streets
alcohol in my brain
but no drugs in my vein
surfing on the crowd
falling on the ground
pogo all the time
and i feel fine
Track Name: Peace has no future
you say we are fools
we say you have no clue
you believe in peace
you won't reach it
take a fuckin look around
from fights to wars
violence threats crimes
what do you wanna change
preaching what you do
smoking joints all day
you cant see it through
you live in uthopy
we face reality
peace will never exist
deal with it!!

we will burn all down
flying our flag
you'll hide in your dream
of peace and equality
while the rich is getting richer
and kids are still starving
hope is not the answer
god is not the saver
there's no solution
the worse is getting closer
it ain't peace and freedom
im sick of your illusions
cant wait for armageddon
it's gonna be conclusion

in every case every way every state
why do you care? violence is everywhere

the only way to save a world
that's already in decay
is helping it burn
in his ignorance and hate
we cant stand any system
which cant provide a future
for everyone and everywhere
where no one has to suffer
so it's better dead and gone
than used and then abused
but we fight for our lives
so come on rebel youth
don't fight for the people
but for us all
let's burn this fuckin world!!
Track Name: Chaos Punx
we are chaos punx born to destroy
boots at the feet always down the street
oi! oi! fuck you all!
oi! oi! fuck the world

we hate politics nazis police and freaks
we are rejects and we dont give a fuck
this is not a game this is our life
drunk rude punx hated and proud

chaos punx - our way of life
chaos punx - to survive we fight
chaos punx - taking back our rights
chaos punx

we are lost boys ready to explode
we have no rules we dont care about your world
we are rejects there's violence in our minds
look into my eyes, there's only hate for you

chaos chaos - riot city
chaos chaos - urban war
chaos chaos - broken windows
chaos chaos - helmets on the floor
chaos chaos - our justice
chaos chaos - this is the end
Track Name: Lost in your mind
your thoughts are runnin through your head
and you find no way to liberate yourself
trapped by the chain of your memories
no one's around to help you out

it hurts it hurts and you cannot avoid it
cause this feeling is already about to explode
you feel like an everlasting time bomb
at its last beats headed for self destruction

you're all alone and you have only hope
frustrated by your emotions getting into dope
your obsessive paranoia will burn your mind
till you realize that's just a waste of time

negative views of this shitty life
are taking control of your whole mind
you try to resist, no air in your breast
you cannot breath, all you want is death

lost in your mind
you cant run away
you try everything
nothing's gonna change

you feel everything you love is so far away
and it's fuckin getting further day after day
step by step you try to stand up
screaming to yourself "i will never give up"

escaping the fate, closed in a cage
your will of revenge increases your rage
you feel only your fist are by your side
trembling, insisting, close to the homicide

alcohol or drugs doesnt matter what you take
it's sure that they won't undo your mistakes
dont look back, go straight ahead
on your way without walking with the death

and break down the walls of instability
then take back your mind's integrity
open the doors of this fuckin cell
the easiest way to escape is yourself!