Eurasian Punk Crash Split

by Suburban Uproar VS One Way Street

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released October 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Suburban Uproar Trento, Italy

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Track Name: One Way Street - Better be dead (Feat. S/U)
Be a slave, be a soldier
No, fuck it, it's not my choice
Let them all shoot each other
In the profitable war

Government buys human's lifes
And turn them into slaves
You can accept authority's lies
But i think it's better be dead!

Be a slave, be a soldier
No, fuck it, it's not my choice
Let them all shoot each other
In the profitable war

Their strenght`s in cash
Without it they'd be powerless
Ours is in ideas
And unity with friends
Track Name: Suburban Uproar - Hate at first sight
you see them walking on the sidewalk
like they were better than everyone
you can see in their eyes
the shape of a crucifix and a soul built on lies
WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU the judge of the street?
WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU to judge everyone you see?
are you sent from god to condamn the skeptix?
no you just don't realize you're not following your ethic

assholes and trendy fuckers in every city
stare at us from our head to our feet
everytime they want to fight
but they lose at the start when they see we have pride
WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? the scum of the street!
when you're alone you look down your feet
cause you're strong with your community
but alone you're nothing, you have no dignity

for all the ones who judge what we think
for all the ones who think we are shit
for all the ones who are not like you and me
hate at first sight!
for all the ones who judge what we live
for all the ones who laugh at you and me
for all the ones who don't know what we mean
hate at first sight

suits ties cash and suvs
should this make them better than me and you?
there are no values behind their banality
only bigotry and their false morality
exploit your workers and treat em like shit
then yell at us when we spit on the street
we are more respectful than the way you are
especially in the night when we piss on your car

exchange of stares everyday
they run through our head filled up by hate
cause they cant see that we are free
free from the schemes where they're locked in
WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU the judge of the street
WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU to judge everyone you see
you're taking all the shape and wearing all the shame
of a society that pulled you into a losing game
Track Name: Suburban Uproar - False Alarm
false information as false
is your will to keep us sane
you poison us and fuck up our wealth
for your meds called cash

you won't fill me up with your shit
i'll never fuckin believe your words
words of terror for ill minds
poisoned by your filthy ways
disinformation to satisfy
your need of money and manipulation
you sell, you lie
we pay we die

i dont want to be another fool victim
to use as false patient
and fall into this FALSE ALARM
i wont be your cavy for your financial problems
nor a gear turning for your economy
i dont run in front of a FALSE ALARM!

i want to be rust for your plans
unworking gears in your mechanism
a short circuit in your nervous system
and the red colour of your bank account
to put an end to this legalized theft
and free terrorism on a scared population
in queue for an injection
of shit and lies
Track Name: Suburban Uproar - The worst
you live on our empty pockets
eating and drinking for fuckin free
you'll never stop to get more profits
you're full of cash, full greed

luxury and idleness are your first priority
we have no money, you have full credit cards
then you want us to fall for conformity
shame on you fuckin bastards

politicians you are THE WORST
on our blacklist you are the first
do you want us to respect you? NO WAY!

you can commit every crime you want
you corrupt the judge and you'll never get arrested
you dont give a fuck about losers like us
we hate your life fuckin bastards

cause your real aim is - power, conformity, slavery, tiranny
your real job is - lying, betraying, backstabbing
you give us nothing and still want - our money, time, sweat, our life
you make me sick
i hope you die

tear them all down!
Track Name: Suburban Uproar - Hang your pride
you believe in a government that already failed
and worship the leaders who would dig your grave
which thoughts are based on murder
so you want a world of political violence?
millions dead 'cause of leaders' ignorance
united by a common will of power
they founded a hypocrite striking alliance
of racist forces and nationalist followers
who supported this clueless genocide
to reach their senseless white pride dreams

HANG YOUR PRIDE! with your ignorance
HANG YOUR PRIDE! and your dead thoughts
HANG YOUR PRIDE! follow your leader

you blame immigrants to steal your land
but since centuries your race rapes 'em all
and exploits 3rd world's slaves
who produce the shoes you wear
your clueless pride doesnt make any sense
and it's based on fuckin bullshit
we re all the same apart from the skin
but nazi brain is too small to tolerate

racist bigotry won't lead anywhere
and nationalism doesnt mean anything
cause this land is not yours!
and the world belongs to no one
the lines you think are real
are only drawn on a piece of paper
with nations and borders came this mental disorder
that teached us to hate to kill each other
for xenophoby and selfishness
the whole human race started this mess

social problems
religious bullshit
and racist thoughts since the early years